Jenna Valez

Artistic Director

Jenna Valez is a female dance artist who resides in San Francisco, CA. She believes art and dance are a way to uncover our unconscious, which gives light to a path of deeper understanding and care.  Jenna currently performs and collaborates with Molly Fletcher-Lynch, Rhea Speights, and CatCallChoir. She has also had the pleasure of dancing with Cali&Co, Dog+Pony, Quicksilver Dance Co, and Maligrad Contemporary Dance Company.  Jenna has participated in several competitive choreographic mentorships including ODC Pilot, Mark Foehringer’s YCF and Doug Varone’s DEVICES. She has danced, performed and/or taught in Israel, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Arrezo. Jenna graduated with distinction from Sonoma State University with a B.A. in dance and psychology.


 Based in San Francisco, CA 

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